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Employee Health & Safety

Protecting both mental and physical health and safety of employees is the highest priority in all business activities. HealthView enables and supports organizations of all sizes to provide a work environment that delivers on the health and safety promise.

45% of employees said that their mental health has suffered during the pandemic. Working remote has created numerous challenges and employees report they are just as overworked working remote as they are in the office.

In response to COVID-19 pandemic, companies have had to manage concerned employees, inquiries regarding infection prevention; continuously update the workforce on a range of pandemic information; as well as providing mental health support.

Monitor Trends

OrgVision allows you to examine how different employee populations are feeling, compare specific aspects of their workplace experience, and identify the actions that lead to improvement.

Rapid & PCR Lab Result Management

Lab Tests

Testing employees has become a common and in many cases a necessary occurrence but ordering PCR COVID lab tests, tracking results and orchestrating the logistics takes time and resources. With Orgvision HealthView automates this supply chain of activity. From your HealthView Dashboard the order process can be initiated and from there HealthView manages the Lab kit shipping and reporting workflow down to reporting the results.

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Pandemic Readiness Solution - Business Continuity

The future is of course unknown with COVID-19 and all of it associated variants. However what is known is that previous to March2020 most organizations are now realizing that Pandemic Readiness should be included in an overall Business Continuity plan that is centered around employee health is not a nice to have but a must have

The agency OSHA has communicated that their COVID permanent standard will likely include an "Employee Readiness" component. OSHA has already started to audit healthcare organizations for COVID readiness and with the permanentstandard this audit program will likely apply to all organizations.

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Automated Employee Health Screening and Vaccine Management

  • Real-time health screening to employee phone,email or app
  • Automated to any frequency and customizable to any level of detail
  • Instant analysis, alerts, and insights of employee responses
  • Vaccine dose management & tracking including boosters
  • Historical response data as well as trend of health criteria being tracked
  • Workplace visitors can also be easily added and tracked
  • Location based (remote vs. office) health view of the workforce
  • Covid-19 and virus protection for your employees
  • Contact Tracing and full historical archiving
  • Emergency messaging alerts

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