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Workforce Transparency

Collecting essential data points in a timely fashion is a key important step in a data-driven program to optimize a workforce. The data needed for analysis may come from multiple divisions, functions, and geographies within an organization. And the need to communicate and share actionable insights on the workforce readiness with leaders has never been more important to identify future needs and plan a workforce strategy around them.

With OrgVision TeamView key workforce metrics can be instantly surfaced and analyzed across time periods and geographies. For example:

  • Drive absenteeism predictability. That is to track specific non-work days on an aggregate level or down to the department such as extended leave, sick days and PTO. And generate predictive models for absenteeism during the year.
  • Target analysis across groups, divisions, regions, countries that have the most off or absenteeism days.
  • Track home office or in office status for tax, facility usage and policy recommendations.
  • Calculate productive man days versus non work days and track this important ratio.
  • Easily share real-time workforce location data with management.

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