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Pandemic Readiness Solution

The COVID-19 coronavirus has left many organizations unsure whether their risk mitigation is sufficient.

Just 12% of more than 1,500 people polled in a Gartner business continuity webinar on believe their businesses are highly prepared for the impact of coronavirus.

Most respondents (56%) rate themselves somewhat prepared, and 11% said they were either relatively or very unprepared. Just 2% of respondents believe their business can continue as normal, highlighting the huge range of businesses that could be affected by the outbreak.

With the OSHA COVID Permanent standard coming out in Q2/Q3 timeframe this lack of readiness could be a significant issue for most organizations.

Key Pandemic Readiness Drivers for Organizations

  • OSHA - Employer Readiness

    Being prepared for OSHA COVID permanent standard that will include a provision on Employer Readiness for the next variant.

  • Rapid and Prepared

    When a health or virus threshold is met rapid roll-out (within 24 hours). Without Pandemic Readiness this roll-out timeline could easily exceed a month.

  • Business Continuity

    Employee health and virus protection as part of the an organization overall business continuity plan.

  • Internal Communications

    Organizations can communicate to Employees & prospective employees that there is a Pandemic Readiness solution in place.

Pandemic Readiness Package includes all the key components for helping to protect the organization against the next COVID variant

Automated Health Attestation Employee Screening

Vaccine and Lab Tracking as Required

Employee Internal Communications Policies and Procedures

COVID related News feed and alerts streamed to your Readiness Dashboard 24x7

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