Employee Experience

An integrated solution that delivers actionable insights on employee experiences to help drive business success.

Employee Recognition

OrgVision Employee Recognition gives companies unprecedented capabilities for both recognizing and rewarding their employees. Recognition can be Peer to Peer or Management to Peer and App based or even non app based. The Recognition programs also give management great flexibility in surfacing relevant recognition reports.

One of the key data and reporting features in the Recognition system is also detecting what employees are being left out (not being recognized). These employees can more at risk and OrgVision gives the data to companies to monitor enterprise wide recognition to drive engagement and satisfaction throughout the company.

Employee Satisfaction

Employee Recognition applications have shown to be one of the highest Return on Investments for a company. The biggest asset for companies is their employees. And being able to sustain an energized work force that is motivated and aligned to the companies mission is really what separates high performing companies.

Public firms that have instilled Employee Recognition programs throughout their culture tend to perform higher in almost every financial measure then firms that don't have formal recognition processes in place.

It is fairly straightforward to see why. Less energized employees may not handle customers in the most efficient ways. And just as importantly employee turn over can be a huge cost to employees that goes beyond just their immediate contributions. But in many cases it can take months if not years to replace IP and knowledge that has suddenly vanished. And finally in general we have all hear about employee productivity. That term is thrown around a lot. But it is really the basis for company success. It is a very simple relationship between productivity and degree of profitability or success for a company.

This all makes Employee Recognition a strategic imperative for companies large and small.

But there are many other reasons for the OrgVision Employee Recognition system

  • Capturing and recording employee performance and contributions on a day to day basis
  • Empowering employees to thank and appreciate their peers. This drives teamwork and recognizing others for supporting the mission
  • Employee generated content that is now being captured and being mined for business intelligence
  • Leverage for semi and Annual Reviews

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