Work at home and Employee sick leave

Protecting employees from human viruses is both good business practice and of course good for the
employees. However is a daily check in when an employee says their temperature is over 100.4 degrees
does this mean automatic sick leave?

The huge positive about identifying employees with high temperatures before they reach the office is that
they don’t come to the office and infect other employees. On the administrative side though what do you
do with a home employee who has stated they have a temperature.

Can you tell that employee not to work and take a sick leave day? Is that decision up to the employee?
Directionally it seems it should be up to the employee to decide if they can be productive at home or not.
However a company may have a general policy that says if you inform HR through a Questionnaire that
you have a 100.4 degree temperature plus then you are automatically taking a sick leave day.

Conversely companies as mentioned may elect to let the employee take the sick leave initiative.
During a call with HR this is something that will need to be tabled – obviously first seeing if that
employee is ok but after the wellness conversation determining if there will be a sick leave event or not.

Sick Leave alerts

If sick leave is established who needs to know about sick leave. Obviously the employee’s manager and
perhaps other employees who are dependent on the particular employees. If a sick leave event, alerting
these employees quickly is important for either adjusting work schedules. or getting backup help to cover
for the sick employee.