Absolutely Crucial Topics to Include in Employee Training

Employee training is a must for any business. It helps general productivity and even can help prevent
workplace accidents while creating an environment where standard but important procedures are
Many organizations struggle with the skills and topics that should be included in employee training. This
article will cover a breakdown of important training areas.

The Company’s Policies and Procedures

Every corporate environment has its set of policies and procedures that each employee must follow to
maintain decorum. Even though the common practice is to email employees a handbook and tell them
to review it in their own time, this is not effective and has been proved as misguided.
To educate employees on corporate policies and procedures, organizations should provide
in-person/video training, along with a complementary handbook. An orientation should be made
compulsory where employees can learn about their responsibilities and the goals that the company
must meet. All policies must be made clear from the start so that no employee can claim ignorance in
the future.

Employees should be informed about the following:
● Expected working hours
● How flexible their work schedule can be
● Rules on overtime work
● Acceptable and unacceptable behavior
● How to deal with conflict
● Consequences to unacceptable behavior
● Rules on attendance and punctuality
● How corporate assets must be used and maintained.

Workplace Laws on Violence and Sexual Harassment

One of the most pressing issues that risk managers have to deal with is workplace policies on violence
and sexual harassment. If employees are not aware of the rules, they must follow, how to react in
situations of violence or harassment, and the consequences they may face, a business may have serious
trouble staying afloat.
Every workplace should empower its employees so that no one feels scared of complaining due to the
risk of negative consequences from the higher authorities.
To educate employees about workplace violence and sexual harassment, here are some things that must
be covered in employee training:
● The actions that fall under the categories of violence and harassment
● Types of violence and harassment
● What to do in cases of violence or harassment
● What to do if you witness violence or harassment
● Where to report instances of violence and harassment
● Repercussions of violence and harassment in the workplace.

Management and Supervision

Even though employee training programs are targeted towards workers, it is important to properly train
the supervisors and managers first. Otherwise, there will be a trickle-down effect in the chain of
command, and the business will not be able to prosper.
Higher authorities must know how to react in different situations so that they can make employees feel
safe. Not only will this ensure organizational success, but it will also help the business achieve its
corporate goals faster.
Managers and supervisors should know the following:
● Full information on the policies and procedures to be followed by employees
● How to react during a workplace conflict
● Appropriate and inappropriate warnings and discipline
● Steps to take in case of natural disasters
● What to do in cases of workplace harassment or violence
● What is expected of employees.
Once employees, managers, and supervisors have been made aware of all the important training
elements along with the basic codes of conduct that must be followed, the corporate culture can really
begin the gell.