Employee Engagement

We speak to a lot of companies and it is interesting to note how many firms are putting a special emphasis on employee engagement.

Companies realize of course the importance of employee engagement but many times we see the systems and procedures to help facilitate the management of this area is either not readily available or heavily reliant of manual activities.

Companies with a strategic focus on employee engagement are also exploring ways to help make this engagement even more meaningful and impactful to the company. Engagement can take many forms including monthly events, weekly lunches, etc.,  But what about the data that drives employee engagement?

We like to think employee engagement is really no different then engaging with your customers.  Companies invest in signification resources (IT, etc.) in deploying tools to optimize this customer engagement and overall customer experience.  There of course good reason for this investment since customers generate the Revenue for the company.

However employees are the facilitators for this revenue and implementing engagement tools to help drive success in the employee population is strategically important as well.

So the year of the employee is not only continuing the focus and effort around implementing the appropriate engagement programs for employees but is also accessing software tools to help facilitate and provide a convenient data driven view behind current engagement programs. And in many cases more effectively aligned the employee focus with achieving the company mission.